Rébekah Paulovich

graphic designer and colorist


Watchmen | book design

French edition of Watchmen, The Absolute Edition

I collaborated with Eric Laurin and Willem Meerloo in designing this deluxe, 464 page edition containing all 12 chapters, additional story and documents presented at the end of each chapter, and a 54-page editorial layout describing the authors' creative process, with roughs, cover art, script proposals, preparatory drawings…

Published by Urban Comics under the DC Comics license, January 2012

Scenario: Alan Moore
Art: Dave Gibbons

Art direction: Eric Laurin, Willem Meerlo, Rebekah Paulovich
Book design, layouts and backgrounds: , Willem Meerlo, Rebekah Paulovich
Logo: Eric Laurin

Watchmen French edition, front cover

title page

preface by Doug Headline

Chapter 1 title page

Chapter 5 title page

Chapter 5 last page, followed by 4 page interlude from the "Treasure Island, Treasury of Comics"

"Treasure Island, Treasury of Comics"

Last page in the "Treasure Island, Treasury of Comics", followed by end-of-chapter break

Chapter 6 title page

Chapter 12 title page

Last page in Chapter 12 (end of story), followed by final end-of-chapter break.

Editorial 54-page layout : title page

postface by Alan Moore

Double spread #1 in the editorial layout : The World

editorial layout double spread

editorial layout double spread : Dr. Manhattan

dossier: Dr. Manhattan

editorial layout double spread : Ozymandias

dossier: Ozymandias and Night Owl

editorial layout double spread : Comedian

editorial layout double spread : Silk Spectre

editorial layout double spread : the minutemen

editorial layout double spread : the Minutemen

editorial layout double spread : clocking on

postface by Dave Gibbons

back cover

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